Commit 4d5f3f33 authored by Hanno Schlichting's avatar Hanno Schlichting

Clarify Makefile instructions, remove me from explicit travis sender list

parent c908ce04
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ branches:
......@@ -11,14 +11,17 @@ When you're developing buildout itself, you need to know two things:``.
For your convenience we provide a Makefile to build various Python versions
in subdirectories of the buildout checkout. To use this do::
in subdirectories of the buildout checkout. To use these and run the tests
with them do::
make PYTHON_VER=2.6 build
make PYTHON_VER=2.7 build
make PYTHON_VER=3.2 build
In order to run the tests, you can then use::
make PYTHON_VER=2.6 test
make PYTHON_VER=2.7 build
make PYTHON_VER=2.7 test
make PYTHON_VER=3.2 build
make PYTHON_VER=3.2 test
The actual Python compilation is only done once and then re-used. So on
subsequent builds, only the development buildout itself needs to be redone.
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