Commit ebee829d authored by Killian Lufau's avatar Killian Lufau Committed by Julien Muchembled

Adapt HMAC to upstream option 'no_hmac_verify'

parent 21eacdba
......@@ -88,14 +88,13 @@ def router(ip, ip4, src, hello_interval, log_path, state_path, pidfile,
cmd += '-C', ('key type blake2s id %s value %s' %
(id, value.encode('hex')))
key(cmd, 'sign', hmac_sign)
cmd += '-C', 'default %s hmac sign' % default
default += ' hmac sign'
if hmac_accept is not None:
if hmac_accept:
key(cmd, 'accept', hmac_accept)
cmd += '-C', 'ignore_no_hmac'
cmd += '-C', 'default ' + default
default += ' no_hmac_verify true'
cmd += '-C', 'default ' + default
if ip4:
cmd += '-C', 'redistribute ip %s/%s eq %s' % (ip4, n4, n4)
if src:
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