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Added documentation on auto-update

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About auto update system
Auto-update system is composed of two script:
- in charge of updating/upgrading computer
- in charge of uploading update information
slapudate is called by a cron job every day at midnight.
It will connect to shacache to obtain last update information available.
This file give authorized reporitories, date of needed reboot and upgrade
and requested openSUSE version.
If update date is newer than last requested update:
1. We remove all repositories
2. We add authorized repositories
3. We check openSUSE version
- If requested version is higher than current version we do a dist-upgrade
and reboot
- Else we run upgrade
If reboot date is newer than last requested one on we reboot.
This script will use a slapos-upgrade information file
(in /etc/slapos-cache/slapos-upgrade by default),
modify it according to option, ask confirmation and upload it to shacache.
- Note: You will need your slapos.cfg for shacache upload ready in /etc/slapos-cache/
File use as reference to upgrade.
-u, --upgrade If selected will update tomorrow.
-r, --reboot If selected will reboot tomorrow.
-n, --dry-run Simulate the execution steps
-h, --help show this help message and exit
slapos-upgrade information file
suse =
slapos =
reboot = 2012-09-05
upgrade = 2012-09-05
opensuse_version = 12.1
- We want computers to update (at midnight)
python -u
- We want computers to update and reboot (at midnght)
python -u -r
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