Commit 35a1119d authored by Cédric Le Ninivin's avatar Cédric Le Ninivin

erp5_api_style: Add Ugly code because customer dotnet sends strange characters before JSON

parent b61b2c5f
......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ from zExceptions import NotFound
# an external script is need to extract content from body: REQUEST.get('BODY')
mode = mode or context.REQUEST.form.get("mode", "get")
text_content = text_content or context.REQUEST.form.get("text_content", "")
# Ugly code because dotnet sends strange characters before JSON
while text_content and text_content[0] != "{":
text_content = text_content[1:]
document_id = document_id or context.REQUEST.form.get("document_id", "")
web_section_value = context.getWebSectionValue()
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