1. 27 Apr, 2017 4 commits
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      stack/erp5 Add ocropy and scipy in erp5 stack · 11828460
      francois authored
      This commit contain modifications that allow ocropy to be installed
      in erp5. The addition of the extra-ld-path variable in the python
      part is needed for python to use the right libstdc++ for scipy.
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      component/python2.7 Update of python2.7 buildout LDFLAGS · 18690853
      francois authored
      A empty variable extra-ld-path have been created so that software
      recipes can add any library they need inside python
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      component/matplotlib add setup-eggs to matplotlib recipe · e44f2862
      francois authored
      Those are needed explicitly when matplotlib is run during the build.
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      component/ocropy Add the ocropy library for OCR · 73e72c45
      francois authored
      This commit add component needed for Optical Character Recognition:
      Ocropy, and the patch that need to be applied to make it work with erp5.
      The Ocropy egg on Pypi is empty, so this component have to be built from
      source. The default neural network model is downloaded from the author
      website and installed in python2.7/share/ocropus.
      The patch modify how the setup works to allow the C functions in
      native.py to be compiled during setup (removing the need to make zope
      use gcc) and provide a way to specify the model path for Ocropy.
      The patched setup now need to call some modules from different eggs,
      whose path needs to be put into sys.path before it can be run.
      More models are available here:
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