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    Fix build with non-std "python" · a280b53d
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    In 5755a6b3 (Basic setup.py / Makefile to build/install/sdist stuff +
    bigfile.so skeleton) we overlooked one thing:
        when tailing from setup.py to make level, we forgot to setup the
        PYTHON env variable properly, and that leads to changing building
        with std python.
    Look e.g.
        $ python3 setup.py build_ext -i
        running build_ext
        python setup.py ll_build_ext --inplace
    which is obviously not correct.
    Fix it.
    The tox setup we have setup for testing with multiple interpreters
    (7af2b2d7 "Tox setup to test things with py27 & py34 and several
    versions of ZODB") did not caught this, because for every python and
    environment versions tox initializes separate virtualenv, in which
    .../bin/python is a link to chosen python, and this way both python and
    my-selected-for-build-python are the same.
    Cc: @Tyagov
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