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    Always set soft fds limit to hard fds limit · 6d29c46a
    Levin Zimmermann authored
    This patch is specifically for the WWM/wind project. It unconditionally
    sets the soft limit of open file descriptors to the hard limit. It is
    'unconditionally' in two meanings:
    1. Always set it and don't depend on instance configuration (via
       'instance.json). We certainly want this in the WWM/wind instance and
       adding the option to SlapOS would lead to a lot of copy-pasted SlapOS
       instance files in the WWM project, which are noisy, difficult to
       maintain and tedious to create.
    2. Always set it and don't depend on the used server (Medusa or WSGI).
       In the upstream patches nexedi/erp5@39369169
       and nexedi/erp5@c42c1d38
       the option is only made available when using WSGI. But in our production
       instance we may want to switch back to ZServer/Medusa, which is why
       we need an ERP5 which supports the option independent from the used
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