A dehydrated's hook script for Zope.

This is a hook script of dehydrated (former name was letsencrypt.sh) for Zope backends.

First, you need to prepare the target Zope folder beforehand so that URL like http://example.com/.well-known/xxx works. For example, you can create the target folder in "portal_skins/custom/.well-known".

Next, you need to provide Zope's username and password in ~/.netrc like :

machine www.example.com
login zope_username
password zope_password

machine example.com
login zope_username
password zope_password

machine another.example.com
login zope_username
password zope_password

You need to prepare "config" file like :

# See https://github.com/lukas2511/dehydrated/blob/master/docs/examples/config for other parameters.
# We can use any local directory for storing challenge string temporarily.
# We use a special hook script for zope.

You also need "domains.txt" like :

www.example.com example.com

Now you can invoke the script like :

./dehydrated -c

And if you have any problems, read Troubleshooting and read dehydrated source code.