Commit ccbf9007 by Łukasz Nowak

[taskdistribution] Drop needless TaskDistributionTool

There is no need for any client to call tool directly.
parent 1c8581d6
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ import threading
import time
import xmlrpclib
__all__ = ['TaskDistributionTool', 'TestResultProxy', 'TestResultLineProxy', 'patchRPCParser']
__all__ = ['TaskDistributor', 'TestResultProxy', 'TestResultLineProxy', 'patchRPCParser']
# Depending on used xmlrpc backend, different exceptions can be thrown.
SAFE_RPC_EXCEPTION_LIST = [socket.error, xmlrpclib.ProtocolError,
......@@ -407,61 +407,6 @@ class ServerProxy(xmlrpclib.ServerProxy):
with self.__rpc_lock:
return xmlrpclib.ServerProxy.__request(self, *args, **kw)
class TaskDistributionTool(RPCRetry):
def __init__(self, portal_url, retry_time=64, logger=None):
portal_url (str, None)
Portal URL of ERP5 site to use as a task distributor.
If None, single node setup is assumed.
if logger is None:
logger = null_logger
if portal_url is None:
proxy = DummyTaskDistributionTool()
proxy = ServerProxy(
super(TaskDistributionTool, self).__init__(proxy, retry_time, logger)
protocol_revision = self._retryRPC('getProtocolRevision')
if protocol_revision != 1:
raise ValueError('Unsupported protocol revision: %r',
def createTestResult(self, revision, test_name_list, node_title,
allow_restart=False, test_title=None, project_title=None):
(maybe) create a new test run.
revision (str)
An opaque string describing code being tested.
test_name_list (list of str)
List of tests being part of this test run. May be empty.
node_title (str)
Human-readable test node identifier, so an adnmin can know which
node does what.
allow_restart (bool)
When true, a tet result is always created, even if a former finished
one is found for same name and revision pair.
test_title (str)
Human-readable title for test. Must be identical for successive runs.
Allows browsing its result history.
project_title (str)
Existing project title, so test result gets associated to it.
Returns None if no test run is needed (a test run for given name and
revision has already been completed).
Otherwise, returns a TestResultProxy instance.
result = self._retryRPC('createTestResult', ('', revision,
test_name_list, allow_restart, test_title, node_title,
if result:
test_result_path, revision = result
result = TestResultProxy(self._proxy, self._retry_time,
self._logger, test_result_path, node_title, revision)
return result
class TaskDistributor(RPCRetry):
def __init__(self,portal_url,retry_time=64,logger=None):
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