1. 26 Feb, 2021 4 commits
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      l10n_fr: add missing translations · 4b516fe8
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      base: don't acquire local role on File · 614ac5e4
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      File is a top-level module document, like PDF, Text Document etc, so it
      should have its own security definition and should not acquire local roles.
      For cases where files are embedded as sub documents, we are using Embedded
      File, which acquire local roles.
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      Make Ingestion/Document scanner more customizable · fdde9b45
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      In "Attach document" action of erp5_ingestion, the default publication section of attach document suggested in the dialog is defined by a type based script.
      We could do the same for group, so that we have a script that is easier to customize for specific cases. One use case is for accounting transactions, the group is usually the group of the entity where the document is attached.
      Also, we could enable type based script in document scanner dialog, which is very similar to attach document dialog, but it was not using the scripts.
      Similarly, we introduce a script to suggest a title in document scanner.
      Another difference between "Attach Document" and "Scan Document" is that the later had a "publication state" field, allowing user to choose a state for the created document. We extend this to "Attach Document" as well and introduce another customizable type based method to be able to configure a default value.
      See merge request !1359
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