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    Use argparse instead of optparse · 9f1e4eef
    Julien Muchembled authored
    Besides the use of another module for option parsing, the main change is that
    there's no more Config class that mixes configuration for different components.
    Application classes now takes a simple 'dict' with parsed values.
    The changes in 'neoctl' are somewhat ugly, because command-line options are not
    defined on the command-line class, but this component is likely to disappear
    in the future.
    It remains possible to pass options via a configuration file. The code is a bit
    complex but isolated in neo.lib.config
    For SSL, the code may be simpler if we change for a single --ssl option that
    takes 3 paths. Not done to not break compatibility. Hence, the hack with
    an extra OptionList class in neo.lib.app
    A new functional test tests the 'neomigrate' script, instead of just the
    internal API to migrate data.
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