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Change History
1.4 (unreleased)
This version comes with a change in the SQL tables format, to fix a potential
crash of storage nodes when storing values that only differ by the compression
flag. See UPGRADE notes if you think your application may be affected by this
- Performance and features:
- 'Importer' storage backend has been significantly sped up.
- Support for TokuDB has been added to MySQL storage backend. The engine is
still InnoDB by default, and it can be selected via a new 'neostorage'
- A 'neomaster' option has been added to automatically start a new cluster
if the number of pending storage nodes is greater than or equal to the
specified value.
- Bugfixes:
- Storage crashed when reading empty transactions. We still need to decide
whether NEO should:
- continue to store such transactions;
- ignore them on commit, like other ZODB implementation;
- or fail on commit.
- Storage crashed when a client tries to "steal" the UUID of another client.
- Client could get stuck forever on unreadable cells when not connected to the
- Plus fixes and improvements to logging and debugging.
1.3 (2015-01-13)
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