Commit 854c69b9 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

master: do not fail on leap seconds

parent 4ebf90ec
......@@ -50,9 +50,13 @@ def packTID(utid):
offset, multiplicator)
packed_higher *= multiplicator
packed_higher += value
assert isinstance(lower, (int, long)), lower
assert 0 <= lower < TID_LOW_OVERFLOW, hex(lower)
return pack('!LL', packed_higher, lower)
# If the machine is configured in such way that gmtime() returns leap
# seconds (e.g. TZ=right/UTC), then the best we can do is to use
# TID_LOW_MAX, because TID format was not designed to support them.
# For more information about leap seconds on Unix, see:
return pack('!LL', packed_higher, min(lower, TID_LOW_MAX))
def unpackTID(ptid):
......@@ -282,9 +286,6 @@ class TransactionManager(object):
tm = time()
gmt = gmtime(tm)
# See leap second handling in epoch:
assert gmt.tm_sec < 60, tm
tid = packTID((
(gmt.tm_year, gmt.tm_mon, gmt.tm_mday, gmt.tm_hour,
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