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1.0 (unreleased)
- Drop compatibility with Python < 2.6 and ZODB < 3.9
This version mainly comes with stabilized SQL tables format and efficient backup
feature, relying on replication, which has been fully reimplemented:
- It is now incremental, instead of being done on whole partitions.
Schema of MySQL tables have been changed in order to optimize storage layout,
for good partial replication performance.
- It runs at lowest priority not to degrade performance for client nodes.
- A cluster in the new BACKINGUP state is a client to a normal cluster and all
its storage nodes are notified of invalidations and replicate from upstream
Other changes are:
- Compatibility with Python < 2.6 and ZODB < 3.9 has been dropped.
- Cluster is now automatically started when all storage nodes of UP_TO_DATE
cells are available, similarly to ``mdadm assemble --no-degraded`` behaviour.
- NEO learned to check replicas, to detect data corruption or bugs during
replication. When done on a backup cluster, upstream data is used as
reference. This is still limited to data indexes (tid & oid/serial).
- Master addresses must be separated by spaces. '/' can't be used anymore.
- Adding and removing master nodes is now easier: unknown incoming master nodes
are now accepted instead of rejected, and nodes can be given a path to a file
that maintains a list of known master nodes.
Also contains code clean-ups and bugfixes.
0.10.1 (unreleased)
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