Commit a4f34eaa authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

setup: first try to get '' from the backup in repository

SourceForge currently has too many issues.
parent 4dfdf05a
......@@ -15,10 +15,14 @@ Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
if not os.path.exists(''):
import cStringIO, hashlib, urllib, zipfile
mock_py = zipfile.ZipFile(cStringIO.StringIO(urllib.urlopen(
import cStringIO, hashlib,subprocess, urllib, zipfile
x = ''
x = subprocess.check_output(('git', 'cat-file', 'blob', x))
except (OSError, subprocess.CalledProcessError):
x = urllib.urlopen(
'' + x).read()
mock_py = zipfile.ZipFile(cStringIO.StringIO(x)).read('')
if hashlib.md5(mock_py).hexdigest() != '79f42f390678e5195d9ce4ae43bd18ec':
raise EnvironmentError("MD5 checksum mismatch downloading ''")
open('', 'w').write(mock_py)
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