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Update TODO

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......@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@
- Review XXX/TODO code tags (CODE)
- Coverage for functional tests (i.e. collect results from subprocesses)
- When all cells are OUT_OF_DATE in backup mode, the one with most data
could become UP_TO_DATE with appropriate backup_tid, so that the cluster
stays operational. (FEATURE)
......@@ -39,18 +38,11 @@
- Clarify handler methods to call when a connection is accepted from a
listening conenction and when remote node is identified
(cf. neo/lib/
- Choose how to handle a storage integrity verification when it comes back.
Do the replication process, the verification stage, with or without
unfinished transactions, cells have to set as outdated, if yes, should the
partition table changes be broadcasted ? (BANDWITH, SPEED)
- Make SIGINT on primary master change cluster in STOPPING state.
- Review PENDING/HIDDEN/SHUTDOWN states, don't use notifyNodeInformation()
to do a state-switch, use a exception-based mechanism ? (CODE)
- Review handler split (CODE)
The current handler split is the result of small incremental changes. A
global review is required to make them square.
- Review node notifications. Eg. A storage don't have to be notified of new
clients but only when one is lost.
- Review transactional isolation of various methods
Some methods might not implement proper transaction isolation when they
should. An example is object history (undoLog), which can see data
......@@ -67,10 +59,6 @@
- Use libmysqld instead of a stand-alone MySQL server.
- Notify master when storage becomes available for clients (LATENCY)
Currently, storage presence is broadcasted to client nodes too early, as
the storage node would refuse them until it has only up-to-date data (not
only up-to-date cells, but also a partition table and node states).
- In backup mode, 2 simultaneous replication should be possible so that:
- outdated cells does not block backup for too long time
- constantly modified partitions does not prevent outdated cells to
......@@ -78,9 +66,7 @@
Current behaviour is undefined and the above 2 scenarios may happen.
- Create a specialized PartitionTable that know the database and replicator
to remove duplicates and remove logic from handlers (CODE)
- Consider insert multiple objects at time in the database, with taking care
of maximum SQL request size allowed. (SPEED)
- Make listening address and port optionnal, and if they are not provided
- Make listening address and port optional, and if they are not provided
listen on all interfaces on any available port.
- Make replication speed configurable (HIGH AVAILABILITY)
In its current implementation, replication runs at lowest priority, to
......@@ -125,15 +111,13 @@
instead of parsing the whole partition table. (SPEED)
- Race conditions on the partition table ?
(update by the poll thread vs. access by other threads)
- Merge Application into Storage (SPEED)
- Optimize by rewriting it either in C or Cython (LOAD LATENCY)
- Use generic bootstrap module (CODE)
- If too many storage nodes are dead, the client should check the partition
table hasn't changed by pinging the master and retry if necessary.
- Implement IStorageRestoreable (ZODB API) in order to preserve data
serials (i.e. undo information).
- Fix and reenable deadlock avoidance (SPEED). This is required for
- Make admin node able to monitor multiple clusters simultaneously
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