Commit dfe6d4e5 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Disallow creating the same node multiple times.

parent a57e35d2
......@@ -401,8 +401,36 @@ class NodeManager(object):
def hasUUID(self, uuid):
return uuid in self._uuid_dict
def _createNode(self, klass, **kw):
return klass(self, **kw)
def _createNode(self, klass, address=None, uuid=None, **kw):
by_address = self.getByAddress(address)
by_uuid = self.getByUUID(uuid)
if by_address is None and by_uuid is None:
node = klass(self, address=address, uuid=uuid, **kw)
if by_uuid is None or by_address is by_uuid:
node = by_address
elif by_address is None:
node = by_uuid
raise ValueError('Got different nodes for uuid %r: %r and '
'address %r: %r.' % (dump(uuid), by_uuid, address,
if uuid is not None:
node_uuid = node.getUUID()
if node_uuid is None:
elif node_uuid != uuid:
raise ValueError('Expected uuid %r on node %r' % (
dump(uuid), node))
if address is not None:
node_address = node.getAddress()
if node_address is None:
elif node_address != address:
raise ValueError('Expected address %r on node %r' % (
address, node))
assert node.__class__ is klass, (node.__class__, klass)
return node
def createMaster(self, **kw):
""" Create and register a new master """
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