Commit 0f97c026 authored by Joanne Hugé's avatar Joanne Hugé Committed by Thomas Gambier

Fix issue causing nodes to ignore countries after restart

If a node restarts and has its address with its country in the cache, it
won't set the _country attribute, and will therefore ignore countries
when making tunnels.

See merge request !31
parent e8629de5
......@@ -662,11 +662,9 @@ class BaseTunnelManager(object):
def _updateCountry(self, address):
def update():
for a in address:
if len(a) > 3:
return a[3]
family, ip = resolve(*a)
family, ip = resolve(*a[:3])
for ip in ip:
country = self._geoiplookup(ip)
country = a[3] if len(a) > 3 else self._geoiplookup(ip)
if country:
if self._country.get(family) != country:
self._country[family] = country
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