Commit 358f0d18 authored by Ulysse Beaugnon's avatar Ulysse Beaugnon

2 bug solved :

    When the bootpeer was blacklisted, it was still inserted in the peers table
    When 0 tunnels had to be made, re6stnet asked for 0 unsed peers, recieved an empty list and thought he had to ask new peers to the server
parent 1a6e2706
Bug :
Peers stay connected to the bootstrap node so none can enter
possible bug in the upnp refresh
possible freeze in the regisrty
possible bug in the upnp refresh, when refreshing after a too long time
sometime reading /proc/net/ipv6_table bug
To be done :
test with python 2.6
Choose peer DB size.
Choose the number of peer we ask to the server
Warn babeld about the tunnels wich are about to be deleted. Maybe we could just increase the cost.
Test the package
Package miniupnpc
Do a test, on one ( or more ) real machine(s) preferably :
- package re6stnet
- install re6stnet
- follow the HOW TO section of the man page to setup a network
- see if it works....
Put more information in the token mail ( registry ), such as :
- the ip address of the network being built
......@@ -27,6 +23,5 @@ To be done :
Put a section about how to build the package from the sources in the README
Remove unnecessary information when sending a request to the server
......@@ -86,9 +86,6 @@ class PeerManager:
def _declare(self):
if self._address != None:
print self._internal_ip
print self._address
print utils.address_str(self._address)'Sending connection info to server...')
logging.debug('Info sent')
......@@ -131,6 +128,9 @@ class PeerManager:
stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
bootpeer = p.communicate(bootpeer)[0].split()
if bootpeer[0] != self._prefix:
if self._db.execute("""SELECT COUNT(*) FROM blacklist.flag WHERE prefix = ?""" % bootpeer[0]).next() > 0:'BootPeer is blacklisted')
return False
self._db.execute("INSERT INTO peers (prefix, address) VALUES (?,?)", bootpeer)
logging.debug('Boot peer added')
return True
......@@ -92,16 +92,24 @@ class TunnelManager:
del self._iface_to_prefix[connection.iface]
logging.trace('Connection with %s/%u killed'
% (hex(int(prefix, 2))[2:], len(prefix)))
print self._connection_dict
print self.free_interface_set
def _makeNewTunnels(self):
tunnel_to_make = self._client_count - len(self._connection_dict)
if tunnel_to_make <= 0:
i = 0
logging.trace('Trying to make %i new tunnels...' %
(self._client_count - len(self._connection_dict)))
logging.trace('Trying to make %i new tunnels...' % tunnel_to_make)
for prefix, address in self._peer_db.getUnusedPeers(
self._client_count - len(self._connection_dict)):
for prefix, address in self._peer_db.getUnusedPeers(tunnel_to_make):'Establishing a connection with %s/%u' %
(hex(int(prefix, 2))[2:], len(prefix)))
print self._connection_dict
print self.free_interface_set
iface = self.free_interface_set.pop()
self._connection_dict[prefix] = Connection(address,
self._write_pipe, self._hello, iface,
......@@ -110,6 +118,9 @@ class TunnelManager:
i += 1
logging.trace('%u new tunnels established' % (i,))
print self._connection_dict
print self.free_interface_set
except KeyError:
logging.warning("""Can't establish connection with %s
: no available interface""" % prefix)
......@@ -127,6 +138,8 @@ class TunnelManager:
if ip.startswith(self._network):
iface = line[-1]
print line
subnet_size = int(line[1], 16)
logging.trace('Route on iface %s detected to %s/%s'
% (iface, ip, subnet_size))
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