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doc: update manpage about automatic startup

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......@@ -82,17 +82,8 @@ Starting re6st automatically
If the `/etc/re6stnet/re6stnet.conf` configuration file exists, `re6stnet` is
automatically started as a daemon. This is done is 2 different ways, depending
on whether it is bound or not to a specific interface, by using the
`main-interface` option:
- If the option is not given (or if it is set to 'lo'), then it is automatically
started/stopped by ``systemd``\ (1). Debian package also provides SysV init
- Otherwise, it is automatically started/stopped when the related network
interface is enabled/disabled by ``NetworkManager``\ (8). Debian package also
provides `ifupdown` scripts.
automatically started as a system daemon, by ``systemd``\ (1). Debian package
also provides SysV init scripts.
Important note about NetworkManager
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