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TODO + MAN pages update

parent 58d99f00
......@@ -16,10 +16,17 @@ To be done :
( tweak the ovpn-server script ), else duplicate addresses appears in routing
Fix bootstrap problem :
registry & --private option ( see re6stnet man page HOW TO ).
one have to start the registry twice, the first time without
the --private option
Use an algorithm to choose which connections to keep and/or establish
instead of pure randomness
number of routes / tunnel
Warn babeld about the tunnels wich are about to be deleted. Maybe we could just increase the cost.
Put a section about how to build the package from the sources in the README
~~~ => Complete and upgrade the Routing with babel presentation (web page on
......@@ -62,14 +62,17 @@ port
--bootstrap prefix ip port proto
Connection informations of a node given to other as a bootstrap
node to initiate connection with the network.
Prefix should be the prefix number of a node, given in binary and
with correct length. For instance the VPN address
2001:db8:42:1::/64 ( asusming a network prefix 2001:db8:42::/48 )
corresponds to a prefix 1/16 i.e 0000000000000001.
--bootstrap prefix
Prefix of a node to be given to other as a bootstrap node to
initiate connection with the network.A prefix is an id given to
each node, which is used to generate the re6st ip address of the
node. A prefix is a string representing binary number.
By default the registry delivers 16 bits prefix. You can get your
prefix from the python interpreter (see re6stnet man page HOW TO)
By default the registry delivers 16 bits prefix.
Asusming a network prefix ``2001:db8:42::/48``, the re6st ip address
``2001:db8:42:1::1/64`` corresponds to a prefix ``1/16`` i.e
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ Tunnel & Peers options
-- openvpn_args
-- `openvpn_args`
Additional arguments to be passed down to all openvpn processes
can be given at the end of the command line.
In that case, insert '--' to delimit re6stnet regular options
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