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    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      test: run rss and panel tests · 744ee9ef
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Also in this commit:
      * add a test step to trigger all alarms
      * update the expected bt5 list
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      slapos_upgrader: provide migration scripts for virtual master logic · c21eea51
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Migrate the previous slapos master logic to virtual master:
      Create needed Project, Software Product, Remote/Instance Node,
      Subscription Request, Allocation Supply.
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      slapos_configurator: do not prevent slapos_category to be updated · 6c3e368c
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Also in this commit: update tests
      * use backup cloudooo
      * many dependencies have been dropped
      * change module id generator
      * portal_callables is not handle by the configurator
        See erp5@a55b0f78
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      slapos_erp5: support for the virtual master logic · b2227408
      Romain Courteaud authored
      There are 4 types of assigment family:
      * The accounting team has assignment like: accounting/manager or accounting/agent
        They can see all invoices, but can not modify the automated ledger
      * The sale team has assignment like: sale/manager or sale/agent
      * A virtual master customer has an assignment like:
        He can request instance trees.
        He can see all the nodes on the virtual master.
      * The virtual master manager has assignment like:
        He is responsible to create the compute node and ensure the quality
        of the service provided on it (so, he manages the related crm).
      Worklist must be usable, to quickly allow any user to know what is
      expected from him in the system.
      Also in this commit:
      * change the module id generator to _generatePerDayNodeNumberId
        to reduce conflicts on object creation
      * change bt5 dependencies to use the new panel UI
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_jio: drop all logic moved to slapos_panel · 784e255f
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Keep only code which was not yet migrated.
      This bt5 is not supposed to be installed anymore.
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    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_panel: create a new panel application based on ERP5JS · 7bc7f7bf
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Simplify maintainance of the panel by putting back the business logic
      into ERP5 actions.
      This allows to:
      * view panel actions in ERP5JS too
      * use formulator to define what a user see
      * not write JS code for every page
      We loose the offline functionality, but this was never finished.
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_wechat: support new ID generator · 7021dfe1
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Modules switched to per day/node ID generator.
      Also in this commit:
      * drop not needed trade conditions
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_payzen: support new ID generator · 7246420a
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Modules switched to per day/node ID generator.
      Also in this commit:
      * drop templates
      * drop not needed trade conditions
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    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_crm: support for the virtual master logic · 4ec00b55
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Unify Ticket and Event creation, to ensure consistency on the different categories.
      Use causality category instead of aggregate, to link the Ticket to the context document (instance, node, ...).
      Aggregate must be used to define the item of the movement resource.
      Monitoring: the tickets are managed by the virtual master admin,
      who is responsible to provide a good service quality.
      Admin will use their worklist to see the ongoing tickets.
      Regularisation Request: this ticket is handle by the accounting team.
      Unpaid invoice can be related to any kind of service (instance, node), which
      have only 2 states from the ticket point of view: running or destroyed.
      Only check the automated ledger, do not be impacted by other kind of invoices.
      Prevent allocation if a customer has an ongoing Regularisation Request.
      TODO: handle case of unpaid invoices for professional customers
      Also in this commit:
      * drop templates
      * use interaction workflow to trigger alarms
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_subscription_request: subscription request is only used to generate an Open Sale Order · 286a3bcc
      Romain Courteaud authored
      A Subscription Request is a ticket, which should be used to generate an Open Sale Order for a service.
      When the Open Order is created, the ticket is closed, and not used anymore.
      Drop the Subscription Condition object.
      Using Sale Trade Condition is enough to define all the Open Order profiles.
      Using Sale Supply is enough to define the prices.
      As services can be created from SlapOS API, the Subscription Request
      can be created after the service already exists.
      Block allocation until the Open Sale Order has not been yet created.
      User will be able to fill the services details, without it being used in the system.
      Open Sale Order must be created, even if the service is free, to allow
      using the inventory API on the services (using Packing List).
      In order to reduce the number of invoice for the customer, ensure the
      invoice date is stable for a customer, and provide discount to not invoice
      unused period.
      Do not use the same date for every users, to reduce load on the system
      for that day.
      To accept a payable service Subscription Request, the customer must
      provide a deposit, which may be used to pay a not paid monthly invoice.
      Also in this commit:
      * drop not needed templates
      * use interaction workflow to trigger alarms
      * drop ecommerce dependency
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_accounting: stop generating a single open sale order per user · 7c2d5b43
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Instead of having a giant versionned Open Sale Order, containing all user
      subscriptions, create one Open Sale Order per subscription.
      The Open Order state can now be used to mark the subscription status.
      This reduce the simulation tree size, as a such tree will not be
      updated anymore when a subscription ends.
      The Open Order stop date is set when closing the Open Order.
      Create a new 'automated' ledger category, to explicitely mark the
      deliveries managed by the alarms / scripts.
      Drop the explicit reference of a specific business process / trade condition,
      and allow any Trade Condition to be used, based on its predicate/trade_condition_type configuration.
      Ensure the items are propagated in the simulation movements and delivery lines.
      Aggregate Sale Invoices, based on their Trade Condition and profile values.
      A user will have multiple invoices if he is using multiple virtual master's services.
      Implement a VAT calculation for France only for now.
      Delivery Line with a taxable business_contribution must trigger the
      tax calculation script (which depends on many factors like type of sold items, customer address, ...)
      and explicitely mark on the line the VAT rate.
      Customer address can be modified in futur, without impacting the delivery
      vat calculation.
      Also in this commit:
      * drop template usages
      * use interaction workflow to trigger alarms
      * do not generate invoice with a 0 total price
      * drop hardcoded reference of hardcoded currencies
      * add contraints on the simulation logic, to prevent generating wrong movements
      * configure Sale Supply to allow more complex price definitions
      * allow using any kind of resource on the deliveries
      * disable consumption delivery generation (until better specified)
      * stop forcing/hardcoding payment mode in advance
      * support for variated resources
      * allow to manually pay multiple invoices with a single payment
      * drop the cloud contract tricks
      * destroy items as soon as the Open Order is closed
      * add a discount service to reduce the invoice price if wanted
      * add a deposit service to support invoice prepayment
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_pdm: support for the virtual master logic · e9384c58
      Romain Courteaud authored
      A Software Product is a variated resource with 2 axes:
      - Software Product Release Variation (optional variation),
        to not force updating Order/Delivery every time one Instance is upgraded
      - Software Product Type Variation
      It is linked to a Project (virtual master).
      Redesign the Upgrade Decision logic.
      It is now a Ticket, generated by the Allocation Supply configuration:
      - upgrade is different for every Project
      - upgrade can be triggered on a specific Node, or for a specific user
      Upgrade Decision is created automatically only if there is a single possible release allocable
      for a Software Product.
      Otherwise, it must be created manually.
      The Upgrade Decision must be approved by the Project manager,
      who is responsible for the Allocation Supply configuration.
      Also in this commit:
      * drop template usage
      * trigger alarm with interaction workflow
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_slap_tool: support for the virtual master logic · b3b6e300
      Romain Courteaud authored
      A project reference is required to create a compute node.
      Add compatibility with the user request
      Console client does not send a project reference.
      Try to guess it for simple cases
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_cloud: add virtual master concept · e7f744c8
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Drop the allocation scope open/subscription/public logic.
      Instead, use Project as Virtual Master, and force
      all slapos_cloud object to be linked to one Project:
      * every Compute Node is linked to a Project
      * any Project's Instance can be allocated on a Project's Compute Node
      Allocation is managed by configuring an Allocation Supply document,
      which defined on which Compute Node a Software Product can be allocated.
      User are not allowed anymore to change the release/type/shared state of their Instance Tree.
      Managing Compute Node is done on the virtual master level, and so,
      there is no need to define any Compute Node administrator.
      A Software Product is a variated resource with 2 axes: software release url and softare type.
      Slave Instance are now allocated on Instance Node, which is created
      from the Software Instance which will control the configuration.
      Slave Instance allocation is also controlled by an Allocation Supply,
      which allow separating the Software Instance and Slave Instances versions.
      There could be any number of virtual master in the system.
      Every virtual master defines its own Software Products.
      Because of this, it is not possible to change a document's virtual master
      after its creation.
      Instance request can be propagated on another virtual master, by
      allocating them on a Remote Node document, which will generate
      a new Instance Tree request on another virtual master.
      Also in this commit:
      * trigger alarms as soon as possible with interaction workflow
        which allows to reduce some alarms frequency
      * drop never used Organisation logic
      * drop person.requestSite
      * drop audit_validation_workflow
      * drop ComputePartition_getCustomAllocationParameterDict
        This is a hack incompatible with virtual master standalone logic.
      * drop cloud contract
      * do not sort security base category when generating local roles
        Otherwise, it is not possible to ensure source_section/function and destination/function generate the same local role
      * stop using hardcoded currency/organisation/trade condition/business process
      * drop templates usages
      * add One Time Virtual Master Access Token portal type
        Needed for compatibility with the compute node deploy script
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_category: new categories for the virtual master logic · d359a4ab
      Romain Courteaud authored
      * automated ledger
      * drop allocation_scope/open/* categories
        All compute nodes are public now
      * add use/trade/deposit category
      * add trade condition type categories.
        This will be used to automatically select a Trade Condition in slapos_accounting
      * add invoicing taxable vat categories
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    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      slapos_mysql_innodb_catalog: drop not needed related keyes · 629b217c
      Romain Courteaud authored
      * drop default_or_child_aggregate_reference
      * drop default_or_child_aggregate_uid catalog key
      * drop follow_up_default_or_child_aggregate_uid
      * drop causality_subscription_request_related_uid related key
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      slapos_mysql_innodb_catalog: configure title column as a keyword key · 1864ce47
      Romain Courteaud authored
      This make usage of the relationfield nicer.
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    • Rafael Monnerat's avatar
      slapos_cloud: Split edit in 2 · acff4533
      Rafael Monnerat authored
        This is required due interacton workflow call on _setAlloctionScope.
        We could change the capacity_scope to close (so allocation worklfow order dont matter, but
        it would change the expected behaviour if we drop the interaction workflow, so it is more
        reasonable keep the existing behaviour unchanged.
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