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    cli: new "node prune" command · 4270184f
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Used to remove shared parts that are no longer referenced.
    With shared part installed for example in `/opt/slapgrd/shared/name/HASH`
    the heuristic is to assume that if `HASH` is present in a software's
    `.installed.cfg`, then this software is using this shared part.
    Similar, if `HASH` is present in
    `/opt/slapgrid/shared/another/ANOTHER_HASH/.slapos*signature` then share
    part another for hash `ANOTHER_HASH` is using the shared part.
    This also have some support to recursively look in instances and if they
    contain a `slapos.cfg` file, look for software and shared parts to see if
    they use the shared part.
    In other cases, this shared part can be deleted.
    /reviewed-on !139
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