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standalone: fix support of recursive slapos

When having more than one read_only_shared_part_list, the template was
first rendered with indentation and then dedented, but since dedent only
remove the common indentation, we ended up with slapos.cfg like this:

$ cat /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/etc/slapos.cfg

            software_root = /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/soft
            instance_root = /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/inst
            shared_part_list =
            master_url =
            computer_id = local
            root_check = False

First dedent, then render the template to prevent this issue. Apply this to
other uses of textwrap.dedent for consistency.

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