Commit 60bf7c18 by Alain Takoudjou

format: fix tap ipv4 configuration after 086504fa

1 parent b331ab6f
......@@ -607,9 +607,11 @@ class Computer(object):
# add addresses and create route for this tap
# Pop IP from tap_address_list and attach to tap if has no ipv4 yet
next_ipv4_addr = '%s' % tap_address_list.pop(0)
# skip to set this IP to tap if already exits
if not partition.tap.ipv4_addr:
# define new ipv4 address for this tap
next_ipv4_addr = '%s' % tap_address_list.pop(0)
partition.tap.ipv4_addr = next_ipv4_addr
partition.tap.ipv4_netmask = gateway_addr_dict['netmask']
partition.tap.ipv4_gateway = gateway_addr_dict['addr']
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