Commit b8bd51d8 authored by Bryton Lacquement's avatar Bryton Lacquement Committed by Julien Muchembled

slapproxy: fix support of non-string (e.g. int) values in requests

This fixes a regression introduced in commit 7467ef4c
("Add Python 3 support").

/reviewed-on !98
parent 7eadf62c
......@@ -69,9 +69,11 @@ def xml2dict(xml):
def dict2xml(dictionary):
instance = etree.Element('instance')
for parameter_id, parameter_value in six.iteritems(dictionary):
for k, v in six.iteritems(dictionary):
if not isinstance(v, six.string_types):
v = str(v)
etree.SubElement(instance, "parameter",
attrib={'id': parameter_id}).text = parameter_value
attrib={'id': k}).text = v
return bytes2str(etree.tostring(instance,
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