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      API Change: Remove available/building API from Computer Partition · 9fdaa54d
      Rafael Monnerat authored
        The API that notify availability and building from Computer Partition is unecessary and it's
        implementation overuse resources and cause flaky effect on the state of the Computer Partition.
        At the Software Release, the states can be available/building/error, and this state tens to be
        immutable once the software release is finished (it will be available, where building and error are
        transitory states).
        At Computer Partition, we intent to have started/stopped/destroyed instances, where available and
        building were transitory, but they have no practical function as a second report would come quickly
        after. So we may consider that started is actually same as available, in this case, it is a duplicated
        meaning, as you cannot be available w/o been started/stopped.
        computer_partition.building were never used, as the master knew that a partition is been processed,
        so this API were never used.
        Report transitory states are prevent us to determinate the actuall state, considering that the latest
        actuall state is more relevant (started/stopped/destroyed).
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