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Thanks to using slapos.cookbook:librecipe it is easier to create zc.buildout recipes in SlapOS environment.

How to use?

In of recipe add only one install requires to slap.lib.recipe.

In code itself subclass from slap.lib.recipe.BaseSlapRecipe.BaseSlapRecipe.

Use _install hook:

from slap.lib.recipe.BaseSlapRecipe import BaseSlapRecipe

class Recipe(BaseSlapRecipe):
  def _install(self):
    # refer below for list of available objects
    specific code
    of recipe

Available variables self.:

  • name and options passed by zc.buildout during init
  • work_directory -- buildout's directory
  • bin_directory -- places for generated binaries
  • running_wrapper_location -- filename of wrapper to create
  • data_root_directory -- directory container for data -- inside this directory it is advised to create named directories for provided servers which needs data
  • backup_directory -- directory container for backups -- inside this directory it is advised o created named directories for backups, with same structure as in data_root_directory
  • var_directory -- container for various, unix following things:
    • log_directory -- container for logs
    • run_directory -- container for pidfiles and sockets
  • etc_directory -- place to put named files and directories of configuration for provided servers
  • computer_id -- id of computer
  • computer_partition_id -- if of computer partition
  • server_url - url of Vifib server
  • software_release_url -- url of software release being instantiated
  • slap -- initialised connection to Vifib server
  • computer_partition -- initialised connection to computer partition
  • request -- shortcut to computer partition request method

By default all directories are created before calling _install hook.

_install method shall return list of paths which are safe to be removed by buildout during part uninstallation.

Important assumptions

Because in SlapOS environment zc.buildout does not know when data are changed, recipes shall be always uninstalled/installed. This is done during constructing recipe instance which subclasses from BaseSlapRecipe.