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extends =
# "slapos" stack describes basic things needed for 99.9% of SlapOS Software
# Releases
# Extend here component profiles, like openssl, apache, mariadb, curl...
# Or/and extend a stack (lamp, tomcat) that does most of the work for you
# In this example we extend from helloweb component.
# ../../component/component1/buildout.cfg
# ../../component/component2/buildout.cfg

parts =
# Call installation of slapos.cookbook egg defined in stack/slapos.cfg (needed
# in 99,9% of Slapos Software Releases)
# Call creation of instance.cfg file that will be called for deployment of
# instance

# build helloweb programs

# Download (buildout profile used to deployment of instance),
# replace all ${foo:bar} parameters by real values, and change $${foo:bar} to
# ${foo:bar}
recipe = slapos.recipe.template:jinja2
template = ${:_profile_base_location_}/
rendered = ${buildout:directory}/instance.cfg
# MD5 checksum can be skipped for development (easier to develop), but must be filled for production
md5sum = 6567f8dedb5cdd93542dc29e96edb547
mode = 0644
extensions =
context =
  section buildout  buildout

# Pin versions of eggs used that are not already pinned by stack/slapos.cfg
slapos.recipe.template = 4.3
rubygemsrecipe  = 0.2.2+slapos001