Commit 22002e3b authored by Hardik Juneja's avatar Hardik Juneja Committed by Rafael Monnerat

Slaprunner (gunicorn): version up

I have been facing some gunicorn issues while fixing tickets. The gunicorn fails start because the pid has been taken by some other process.
This bug has been solved in the v19.7.0.
Also See:

Almsost a year ago Nicolas fixed the version of gunicorn to v19.4.5 here 391b026e
Since then the bug stoping up from upgrading has been fixed as well.

/reviewed-on !228
parent 471e6927
......@@ -153,10 +153,7 @@ eggs =
# gunicorn downgraded because of bug in latter versions
# setting version here allows to use an older version in tests
# see more here :
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