Commit 659df632 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

component/slapos: Example script to build slapos from source.

parent a21caad5
# This simple script to buildout slapos from source using 1.0 branch on
# /opt/slapos folder, adapt this script as you please.
# Be carefull to not run this script were the script is already installed.
# Use sudo or superuser and create slapos directory (you can pick a different directory)
mkdir -p /opt/slapos/log/
cd /opt/slapos/
# Create buildout.cfg SlapOS bootstrap file
echo "[buildout]
extends =
" > buildout.cfg
# Required in some distros such as Mandriva
unset</span> PYTHONPATH
unset</span> CONFIG_SITE
# Bootstrap SlapOS, using forked version of buildout.
python -S --builout-version python -S --buildout-version 2.5.2+slapos009 -f
# Warning:Depending on your distribution you might need to
# replace python by python2 in the last command. This happens when your
# distribution considers that the standard python is the 3.x branch.
# Finally start to build
bin/buildout -v
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