Commit ff15412a authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin Committed by Rafael Monnerat

Fix for some tests running twice

All tests from `slapos.test.recipe` module were executed twice since f8de4cc4  when running as `python test`

`python test --test-suite slapos.test.test_recipe.additional_tests` still runs only tests for recipes and `python test` runs tests for recipe and static tests for software releases (for now json schema).

@rafael @katomaso 

/reviewed-on !234
parent 057ab49a
  • because this was applied with "apply patch" we lost the original commit message from 717a01f6 . It was:

    test: do not make test directory a package otherwise tests run twice

  • After the introduction of this change, DMS tests have been breaking up and tests are stuck.

    Edited by Ayush Tiwari
  • Tests are okay now. Thanks

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