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      kvm: Add restrict mode for nat interface · b1dcbf77
      Alain Takoudjou authored
      If restrict mode is set to true, nat interface (eth0) will be isolated, no network access, only host and guest forward rules will work throught that interface.
      This option is true by default for kvm-cluster, and false for single and resilient kvm.
  5. 09 Dec, 2015 5 commits
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      slapos/recipe/postgresql: Do not leave half-installed postgresql instance · b7f00def
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      In case there are errors when creating cluster / setting up its
      configuration files, currently we leave pgsql database left
      half-installed and next time instantiation runs do not do anything,
      because os.path.exists(pgdata) is already true.
      I've personally hit this situation via providing ipv4 and ipv6
      parameters as strings and the recipe wanted to do `ipv4.join(ipv6)` but this
      works only for sets and raises for strings.
      What is worse is that the above error becomes hidden in our default
      setup, because webrunner tries to do instantiation _several_ times, and
      on the second run instantiation succeeds, because pgdata directory
      already exists and recipe thinks there is nothing to do _and_ webrunner
      already removed instance.log from previous run.
      So do not hide errors, and if we see there are problems, remove the
      wholly created pgsql database directory.
      /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome
      /proposed-for-review on !29
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      ERP5: sort balancer families by name before assigning ports · ba9ef609
      Julien Muchembled authored
      If the list of families does not change, their ports must not change, and it's
      wrong to get this by relying on CPython implementation details. Even if we
      automated the update of frontends with new urls, this couldn't be done
      atomically and we'd get random failures.
      Currently, frontends are only updated manually so we also want to minimize
      changes when families are added/renamed/removed. By sorting alphabetically,
      we have something predictable. Of course, this does not cover cases like the
      following one:
      - before: A, B, C
      - after: A, C
      Even if we added a 'port-base' parameter for the balancer, the port would
      change for one of the 2 families.
      We have no need for the moment, but we could go further with an optional list
      parameter to choose the order, and a special value to skip ports. Another
      option is to use publish-early but it's more complicated to implement and
      we lose everything when we reinstanciate.
      The sort in haproxy.cfg.in is for the stats page.
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