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    lib/zodb: Teach zconn_at to work on ZODB4 · 1f866c00
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    In 3bd82127 (lib/zodb: Add zconn_at draft (ZODB5 only)) we added
    zconn_at function to find out as of which state a ZODB connection is
    viewing the database. That was ZODB5-only however.
    Let's add support for ZODB4 now - by requiring ZODB4-wc2 - a version of
    ZODB4 with MVCC backported from ZODB5: ZODB!1
    This makes wendelin.core to work on either ZODB5 or ZODB4-wc2, but not
    plain ZODB4. However as zconn_at will be used only for WCFS-integration,
    non-wcfs mode will continue to work on all ZODB5, ZODB4-wc2 and plain
    ZBigFile + WCFS client integration will use zconn_at to open WCFS
    connection that corresponds to ZODB connection.
    Preliminary history:
    kirr/wendelin.core@1c3b7750    X zconn_at for ZODB4
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