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    tests: Keep ZEO test database on /tmp/ · 70c998c1
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    We already keep FileStorage test database on /tmp/ and NEO itself (via
    neo.tests.functional.NEOCluster) also keeps test data on tmpfs. However
    test database for ZEO was created in current directory and was wearing
    out SSD unnecessarily.
    FIXME zeo_forker currently does not provide API to keep all server files
    in particular place. This way server conf and log are still emitted in
    current directory, but at least we move data.fs away. Since conf and log
    are uniquely named, e.g. server-<ΧΧΧ>.conf and tmpYYY.log, and it was
    only that Data.fs was named non-uniquely, by moving Data.fs into unique
    per-server place, this also helps with-ZEO tests to execute correctly in
    parallel with `tox -p`.
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