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    wcfs: client: Adjust to be forward-compatible with upcoming pygolang changes · 11e023cf
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Don't use golang::* namespaces to avoid clashes with pygolang adding
    something in there and getting compilation error due to conflict, when
    e.g. pygolang!17 lands.
    -> use xgolang:: as top-level namespace for what was previously living
    in golang:: shipped in wendelin.core.
    Inside that xgolang:: namespace don't use the same package names that
    might be used inside golang:: in pygolang. This avoids ambiguation and
    compile error in the future on e.g. os::AfterFork - is `using namespace
    golang` and `using namespace xgolang` were both activated.
    -> Prefix all namespaces inside xgolang:: also with "x".