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    wcfs: client: Provide virtmem integration · 986cf86e
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Provide integration with virtmem, so that WCFS Mapping can be associated
    and managed under virtmem VMA. In other words provide support so that WCFS can
    be used as ZBigFile backend in "mmap overlay" mode (see fae045cc "bigfile/virtmem:
    Introduce "mmap overlay" mode" for description of mmap-overlay mode).
    We'll need this functionality for ZBigFile + WCFS client integration.
    Virtmem integration will be tested via running whole wendelin.core functional
    testsuite in wcfs-mode after the next patch.
    Quoting added description:
    ---- 8< ----
    Integration with wendelin.core virtmem layer
    This client package can be used standalone, but additionally provides
    integration with wendelin.core userspace virtual memory manager: when a
    Mapping is created, it can be associated as serving base layer for a
    particular virtmem VMA via FileH.mmap(vma=...). In that case, since virtmem
    itself adds another layer of dirty pages over read-only base provided by
                     ┌──┐                      ┌──┐
                     │RW│                      │RW│    ← virtmem VMA dirty pages
                     └──┘                      └──┘
                                                       VMA base = X@at view provided by Mapping:
                                              ___        /@revA/bigfile/X
            __                                           /@revB/bigfile/X
                   _                                     /@revC/bigfile/X
                               +                         ...
         ───  ───── ──────────────────────────   ─────   /head/bigfile/X
    the Mapping will interact with virtmem layer to coordinate
    updates to mapping virtual memory.
    How it works
    Wcfs client integrates with virtmem layer to support virtmem handle
    dirtying pages of read-only base-layer that wcfs client provides via
    isolated Mapping. For wcfs-backed bigfiles every virtmem VMA is interlinked
    with Mapping:
          VMA     -> BigFileH -> ZBigFile -----> Z
           ↑↓                                    O
         Mapping  -> FileH    -> wcfs server --> DB
    When a page is write-accessed, virtmem mmaps in a page of RAM in place of
    accessed virtual memory, copies base-layer content provided by Mapping into
    there, and marks that page as read-write.
    Upon receiving pin message, the pinner consults virtmem, whether
    corresponding page was already dirtied in virtmem's BigFileH (call to
    __fileh_page_isdirty), and if it was, the pinner does not remmap Mapping
    part to wcfs/@revX/f and just leaves dirty page in its place, remembering
    pin information in fileh._pinned.
    Once dirty pages are no longer needed (either after discard/abort or
    writeout/commit), virtmem asks wcfs client to remmap corresponding regions
    of Mapping in its place again via calls to Mapping.remmap_blk for previously
    dirtied blocks.
    The scheme outlined above does not need to split Mapping upon dirtying an
    inner page.
    See bigfile_ops interface (wendelin/bigfile/file.h) that explains base-layer
    and overlaying from virtmem point of view. For wcfs this interface is
    provided by small wcfs client wrapper in bigfile/file_zodb.cpp.
    (+) see bigfile_ops interface (wendelin/bigfile/file.h) that gives virtmem
        point of view on layering.
    Some preliminary history:
    kirr/wendelin.core@f330bd2f    X wcfs/client: Overview += interaction with virtmem layer