Commit 8ff7020c authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

Test coverage for ZODB{3,4,5}

Use tox to test with all kinds of ZODB.
With preceding 3 patches tests pass with all versions of upstream ZODB.

TODO: test coverage for both py2 and py3.
parent 7a94e312
# zodbtools | tox setup
envlist = py27-{ZODB3,ZODB4,ZODB5}
deps =
# XXX tox does not consult extras_require['test'] -> install pytest explicitly
# latest ZODB from ZODB3 series
ZODB3: ZODB3 >=3.10, <3.11dev
ZODB3: transaction <2.0dev
# ZConfig 3.2.0 passes filename to ZEO config as unicode which eventualy breaks in FileStorage:
ZODB3: ZConfig <3.2.0
# latest current ZODB 4
ZODB4: ZODB >=4.0, <5.0dev
ZODB4: ZEO >=4.0, <5.0dev
# ZEO4 depends on transaction <2
ZODB4: transaction <2.0dev
# latest current ZODB 5
ZODB5: ZODB >=5.0, <6.0dev
ZODB5: ZEO >=5.0, <6.0dev
commands= {envpython} -m pytest
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