Commit a07a1187 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

zodbcmp: optimize opening of FileStorage DB

- skip the loading of index
- new option to specify a file offset to start from
parent 2801fae9
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ from __future__ import print_function
from zodbtools.util import ashex, inf, nextitem, txnobjv, parse_tidrange, TidRangeInvalid, \
from time import time
from ZODB.FileStorage import FileIterator
# compare two storage transactions
# 0 - equal, 1 - non-equal
......@@ -63,10 +64,7 @@ def txncmp(txn1, txn2):
# compare two storages
# 0 - equal, 1 - non-equal
def storcmp(stor1, stor2, tidmin, tidmax, verbose=False):
iter1 = stor1.iterator(tidmin, tidmax)
iter2 = stor2.iterator(tidmin, tidmax)
def storcmp(iter1, iter2, verbose=False):
Tprev = time()
txncount = 0
while 1:
......@@ -116,10 +114,13 @@ summary = "compare two ZODB databases"
def usage(out):
Usage: zodb cmp [OPTIONS] <storage1> <storage2> [tidmin..tidmax]
Usage: zodb cmp [OPTIONS] <storage1>[@<pos>] <storage2>[@<pos>] [tidmin..tidmax]
Compare two ZODB databases.
<storageX> is an URL (see 'zodb help zurl') of a ZODB-storage.
It can also be the path of a FileStorage DB, in which case an optional <pos>
specifies a file offset from where iteration starts. <pos> must point to the
beginning of a transaction.
......@@ -144,12 +145,6 @@ def main2(argv):
if opt in ("-v", "--verbose"):
verbose = True
storurl1, storurl2 = argv[0:2]
except ValueError:
# parse tidmin..tidmax
tidmin = tidmax = None
if len(argv) > 2:
......@@ -159,10 +154,28 @@ def main2(argv):
print("E: invalid tidrange: %s" % e, file=sys.stderr)
stor1 = storageFromURL(storurl1, read_only=True)
stor2 = storageFromURL(storurl2, read_only=True)
elif len(argv) < 2:
zcmp = storcmp(stor1, stor2, tidmin, tidmax, verbose)
istor = []
for url in argv[:2]:
if "://" in url:
istor.append(storageFromURL(url, read_only=True).iterator(
tidmin, tidmax))
url = url.rsplit('@', 1)
if len(url) > 1:
args = int(url[1]),
except ValueError:
print("E: invalid file offset: %s" % url[1], file=sys.stderr)
args = ()
istor.append(FileIterator(url[0], tidmin, tidmax, *args))
zcmp = storcmp(istor[0], istor[1], verbose)
sys.exit(1 if zcmp else 0)
def main(argv):
  • @jm please avoid pushing to branches on nexedi/zodbtools.git . Other projects might use different policies, but for projects I maintain we do not work on branches in the main repository. If you need to work on something please fork the main repository and further create a merge-request for your work.

  • @jm additionally if you want to add support for opening FileStorage in historical mode, the place to do so is not zodbcmp, but zodburi with URI for FileStorage, or probably all databases, extended appropriately.

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