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    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      standalone: don't use --all in waitForSoftware / waitForInstance · f906e42e
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Until now, standalone was running slapos node software/instance with --all flag
      which force installing software or processing software, unlike "normal" slapos
      node which no longer install on software once they are completed and only process
      instances when they are requested with different parameters or when they have
      failing promises.
      We stop using the --all flag, to behave like a normal slapos node.
      This reveal missing promises in some softwares, after this change, waitForInstance
      can return faster. This reveal test failures with some softwares where the
      instanciation step request other instances, but without having a promise to wait
      for their requests to have been sucessfully processed; in this case waitForInstance
      return too early.
      We keep an "slapos node software --all" API to force reinstalling software, this
      can be useful for scenarios like erp5testnode, or software release development.
      We also keep an hidden "slapos node instance --all" API, so that we can keep
      running tests for software releases with missing promises.
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