1. 28 Mar, 2024 1 commit
  2. 26 Mar, 2024 7 commits
    • Rafael Monnerat's avatar
      erp5: backend apache must not handle Remote-User · 1bd75eee
      Rafael Monnerat authored
        The backend haproxy must not handle the arbitrary variable Remote-User from headers.
      It isn't implemented authentication on this backend, so this setting is irrelevant by default.
      The proper way to handle authentication is use a trustfull frontend that will set this variable after properly authenticate the certificate and extract the user.
    • Rafael Monnerat's avatar
      slapos-master: Use ERP5 SR directly · 3d63cd39
      Rafael Monnerat authored
        For now the only exception is slapos_configurator only
    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      component/golang: clear user cache after build · 5a70227c
      Jérome Perrin authored
      While running tests using all.bash, `$HOME/.cache/go-build/` is
      populated with data referencing the build folder. This is problematic
      when using shared parts and installing a not pinned software release
      multiple times, like it is the case on test node.
      A scenario like this can happen:
       - a first succesful build install in `<shared>/golang1.21/<HASH1>`
       - golang1.21 section is changed in a the software release
       - golang1.21 is installed in `<shared>/golang1.21/<HASH2>`, running
         test fails because the cache `<software_folder>/.cache/go-build/` in
         references paths from `<shared>/golang1.21/<HASH1>/.build/go/src`,
         that was used when building the first build and have been removed
         while installing.
      This is visible with errors like this:
          2024-03-21 20:52:37,214 INFO     slapgrid_sr: 2024-03-21 20:52:37 slapos[23849] INFO vet: can't parse raw cgo file: open ../../../../a984f246a1b2789081965ab5c05674a8/.build/go/src/net/cgo_linux.go: no such file or directory
    • Ivan Tyagov's avatar
      Fix gcc coupler · 25439fae
      Ivan Tyagov authored
      See merge request nexedi/slapos!1551
    • Ivan Tyagov's avatar
      Fix gcc coupler · efa0b4b1
      Ivan Tyagov authored
    • Ivan Tyagov's avatar
      Fix gcc · 64c4c052
      Ivan Tyagov authored
      See merge request nexedi/slapos!1548
    • Ivan Tyagov's avatar
      Revert "Use gcc-10.2 for beremiz-ide." · ab6abffd
      Ivan Tyagov authored
      This reverts commit 5814aadb7234c6772e855c5549afbb09feeb1f5e.
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    • Léo-Paul Géneau's avatar
      component/qjs-wrapper: v↑ qjs-wrapper (1.3 -> 2.0) · 649249ca
      Léo-Paul Géneau authored
      component/mavsdk: v↑ mavsdk (0.39.0 -> 1.4.13)
      component/gwsocket: add gwsocket websocket server
      software/js-drone: add frontend for subscriber
      software/js-drone: use WebSocket for subscriber
      slapos/software: run quickjs as a service
  11. 12 Mar, 2024 2 commits
    • Łukasz Nowak's avatar
      rapid-cdn: Fix re6st-verification-url testing · be75d825
      Łukasz Nowak authored
       * the default is already tested so drop TestRe6stVerificationUrlDefaultSlave
       * use locally provided URL to check re6st-verification-url, to not depend
         on external resources
      slapos!1501 did a good job with making default disabled, but during the code
      review tests changes were not well checked.
    • Titouan Soulard's avatar
      rapid-cdn: fix failing test · 00586554
      Titouan Soulard authored
      logrotate test for the rapid-cdn SR have been failing for quite some
      time because of a squid.log file created (and henceforth rotated) on
      any slave instance of the CDN:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      AssertionError: Items in the second set but not the first:
      Since we do not want to test this file in that specific test, this
      commit instead loosely check the content of the rotated files
      In other words, the test now checks for the presence of the two
      files to be tested, but avoid failing if other files exist.
      This goes in line with the two following lines of that same test,
      loosely checking for file absence instead of an empty directory.
      /cc @tomo @luke
      /approved-by @luke
      /reviewed-on !1541
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    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      stack/erp5: patch RestrictedPython to compile with print_function · ccbe9a26
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Every restricted python code on python2 will be compiled as if it had
      `from __future__ import print_function`, to ease transition away from
      To update project code, 2to3 from python2.7 seems to do a good job.
      Invoking like from the root of a repository rewrite all scripts:
          2to3  --write --nobackups --no-diffs --fix=print .
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