Commit 10f22751 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

registry: Add API for add/delete/is a specific Token

    addToken, isToken and DeleteToken are introduced to manage tokens created
    by other system (like SlapOS for example).

If token is present, raise conflict instead loop until timeout.
parent 834959b9
......@@ -79,10 +79,10 @@ def main():
_('--key', required=True,
help="CA private key in .pem format. For example:\nopenssl"
" genpkey -out ca.key -algorithm rsa -pkeyopt rsa_keygen_bits:2048")
_('--mailhost', required=True,
_('--mailhost', default=None,
help="SMTP host to send confirmation emails. For debugging"
" purpose, it can also be an absolute or existing path to"
" a mailbox file")
" a mailbox file. If unset, registration by mail is disabled.")
_('--prefix-length', default=16, type=int,
help="Default length of allocated prefixes."
" If 0, registration by email is disabled.")
......@@ -102,7 +102,6 @@ def main():
" 3=DEBUG, 4=TRACE. Use SIGUSR1 to reopen log.")
_('--min-protocol', default=version.min_protocol, type=int,
help="Reject nodes that are too old. Current is %s." % version.protocol)
_ = parser.add_argument_group('routing').add_argument
_('--hello', type=int, default=15,
help="Hello interval in seconds, for both wired and wireless"
......@@ -294,23 +294,47 @@ class RegistryServer(object):
" WHERE prefix=? AND cert IS NOT NULL",
def requestToken(self, email):
def isToken(self, token):
with self.lock:
if self.db.execute("SELECT 1 FROM token WHERE token = ?",
return "1"
def deleteToken(self, token):
with self.lock:
self.db.execute("DELETE FROM token WHERE token = ?", (token,))
def addToken(self, email, token):
prefix_len = self.config.prefix_length
if not prefix_len:
raise HTTPError(httplib.FORBIDDEN)
request = token is None
with self.lock:
while True:
# Generating token
token = ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_lowercase, 8))
if request:
token = ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_lowercase, 8))
args = token, email, prefix_len, int(time.time())
# Updating database
self.db.execute("INSERT INTO token VALUES (?,?,?,?)", args)
except sqlite3.IntegrityError:
if not request:
raise HTTPError(httplib.CONFLICT)
self.timeout = 1
if request:
return token
def requestToken(self, email):
if not self.config.mailhost:
raise HTTPError(httplib.FORBIDDEN)
token = self.addToken(email, None)
# Creating and sending email
msg = MIMEText('Hello, your token to join re6st network is: %s\n'
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