Commit 14419e35 authored by Tomáš Peterka's avatar Tomáš Peterka Committed by Rafael Monnerat

[format] Small code cleanup

parent 37fc1cf9
......@@ -611,8 +611,8 @@ class Computer(object):
A Computer object.
dumped_dict = xml_marshaller.xml_marshaller.loads(open(path_to_xml).read())
with open(path_to_xml, "rb") as fi:
dumped_dict = xml_marshaller.xml_marshaller.load(fi)
# Reconstructing the computer object from the xml
computer = Computer(
......@@ -980,7 +980,8 @@ class User(object):
callAndRead(['useradd'] + user_parameter_list)
callAndRead(['usermod'] + user_parameter_list)
# if the user is already created and used we should not fail
callAndRead(['usermod'] + user_parameter_list, raise_on_error=False)
# lock the password of user
callAndRead(['passwd', '-l',])
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