Commit 354a88a2 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

slapos_erp5: SlapOS product has no Tool anymore (Update Test)

The API Tool was removed
parent daa69b57
......@@ -2001,7 +2001,7 @@ class TestSecurePaymentTool(TestSlapOSGroupRoleSecurityMixin):
self.assertPermissionsOfRole(tool, 'Owner', [])
self.assertPermissionsOfRole(tool, 'Reviewer', [])
self.assertAcquiredPermissions(tool, ['Add SlapOS Tools', 'Add Vifib Tools'])
self.assertAcquiredPermissions(tool, ['Add ERP5 SQL Methods', 'Add Vifib Tools'])
class TestBusinessProcessModule(TestSlapOSGroupRoleSecurityMixin):
def test(self):
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