1. 25 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Remove old slapproxy tables when migrating to new version · c0912336
      Some tools are using directly slapproxy sqlite database and they stopped working when table number was increased in !76 .
      We made a quick improvement to the tools so that they can autodetect the current table names instead of hardcoding ( slapos@b8c895cd ) but this failed, because slapproxy remove did not remove the old tables after migration. This branch is about removing the table, to quickly repair these tools.
      The long term plan is (hopefully) to improve these tools so that they don't use the private tables like this.
      /reviewed-on !105
      Jérome Perrin committed
  2. 22 Mar, 2019 3 commits
    • slapproxy: update database version to 13 · d0ce721b
      Because we want to trigger an upgrade that will remove old tables.
      Note that re-dumping database_dump_version_current fixed the column
      order in software table - the dump was incorrect (this also change
      output of `proxy show` for this test)
      Jérome Perrin committed
    • test_slapproxy: Review test for migrations · 18c814a1
      Create a test for each previous versions to current version (starting
      from version 10, earlier versions are not really supported).
      Procedure to add test for new version can be:
       * update table structure and increase version in slapos/proxy/schema.sql
       * use generate_dump.sh script to generate
         from slapos/tests/test_slapproxy/database_dump_version_$PREVIOUS_VERSION.sql
         (with computer_id "computer")
       * add TestMigrateVersion$(NEW_VERSION)ToLatest in
       * use generate_dump.sh script to update in-place
         (with computer_id "slaprunner")
      Jérome Perrin committed
    • slapproxy: remove old tables on migration · 2f83e1e7
      Instead of keeping old tables which cause confusion for humans and tools
      directly operating on the database, remove old tables and create a
      separate backup file.
      Jérome Perrin committed
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