Commit 3614c2e5 authored by Lucas Carvalho's avatar Lucas Carvalho

Following API definition.

The select method  must return the file from shacache.
And the download method should return the file content instead of path.
parent 123d209d
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ import hashlib
import httplib
import json
import os
import tempfile
from urllib import urlretrieve
from urlparse import urlparse
......@@ -136,16 +137,22 @@ class NetworkcacheClient(object):
return json.loads(data)
def download(self, path, sha512sum):
def download(self, sha512sum):
''' Download the file.
It uses http GET request method.
sha_cache_url = os.path.join(self.shacache_url, sha512sum)
path, headers = urlretrieve(sha_cache_url, path)
return headers
path, headers = urlretrieve(sha_cache_url, tempfile.mktemp())
f = open(path)
file_content =
return file_content
def select(self, directory_key=None):
'''Download a file from shacache by selecting the entry in shadir
''' Download a file from shacache by selecting the entry in shadir
Raise DirectoryNotFound if multiple files are found.
path_info = self.shadir_path
......@@ -165,14 +172,12 @@ class NetworkcacheClient(object):
data_list = json.loads(data)
if len(data_list) > 1:
raise MultipleFileFoundError('Too many entries for a given directory. ' \
raise DirectoryNotFound('Too many entries for a given directory. ' \
'Directory: %s. Entries: %s.' % (directory_key, str(data_list)))
return data_list
class MultipleFileFoundError(Exception):
information_dict, signature = data_list[0]
sha512 = information_dict.get('sha512')
class DirectoryNotFound(Exception):
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