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      component/consul: Initial Commit · f58b8bc1
      Rafael Monnerat authored
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      version up: nano 2.8.4 · 91f2441c
      Julien Muchembled authored
      - do not fail if ncurses is installed on the system
      - enable libmagic
      - load share/nano/*.nanorc by default
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      Add component/ocropy and scipy to erp5 · 056866e8
      francois authored
      Needed for receipt_recognition module. It contain the ocropy library and its binarization, segementation and recognition tools, as well as the scipy library containing the ndimage and stats module used in receipt_recognition_module for the binarization and inside ocropy. 
      This is separated in 3 commits:
      The first one add ocropy and dependancies inside slapos component;
      The second one add the ocropy component to stack/erp5 buildout config file, and add gcc to the binaries callable from erp5 (needed by ocropy);
      The third  is only required for the module to work without installing the wendelin software.
      Edit: To keep discussions posts, i wont rebase in master, to see the rebased final commits: https://lab.nexedi.com/francois.lecorre/slapos/commits/rebased_branch
      /reviewed-on !153
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      component/matplotlib add new dependencies in matplotlib · 09036a60
      francois authored
      Ocropy needs one of matplotlib component to be imported during
      buildout. This component needs cycler and dateutil
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      component/python2.7 Add extra-path variable to python buildout · 0e51f4d9
      francois authored
      This allows a recipe building python to add custom extra-path
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      stack/erp5 Add ocropy in erp5 stack · 36033d8e
      francois authored
      This commit contain modifications that allow ocropy and scipy to be
      installed as eggs. Extra ld_path are added to python to allow the former
      to run scipy (that needs libstdc++) inside testnodes.
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      component/ocropy Add the ocropy library for OCR · 2325d4c4
      francois authored
      This commit add component needed for Optical Character recognition:
      ocropy and its dependancies
      The Ocropy egg on Pypi is empty, so this component have to be built from
      source. The default neural network model is downloaded from the author
      website and installed in python2.7/share/ocropus.
      The patch is here for to different thing: one is adding an
      OCROPY_MODEL_PATH to be able to specify the position of models, the
      other is importing for the first time a module that compile C code from
      python, allowing us to have the static library built before runtime and
      preventing us from using gcc through zope.
      More models are available here:
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